Shigure's mind turns to lost dreams on Valentine's Day, leading him to pay a visit to Hatori...and make it clear just how far he's willing to go to claim his heart's desire.


Original story by Natsuki Takaya
Adapted, Directed and Mixed by JesuOtaku
Foley Artist -- Andrew Llanos
Composer -- Ken Clayton
Narrator -- Edwyn Tiong

CAST (in order of appearance)

Shigure Sohma -- Jesse Frola (demoversi)
Mitchan -- Gemma Peters
Yuki Sohma -- Evan Bremer
Tohru Honda -- Heather McDonald
Kyo Sohma -- Phil Burgraff
Kagura Sohma -- Karley Tufo
Hatori Sohma -- Ben Watson
Akito Sohma -- Vitamin Three

EXTRAS (in order of appearance)

Ryder Cunningham
Megan Rooth
Entertaining the Thought
7/10/2012 03:12:18 pm

These are so awesome! I love that we're getting them again and can't wait for the next episode!!

7/11/2012 08:27:55 am

Oh gawd I'm going to go hole myself up in my closet and...cry or something I don't really know. Just...Shigure. He's tied with Kyo as my favorite character, and I became so happy when I figured out this was going to be a Shigure episode. And then he was speaking with Hatori and his voice was so serious and for some reason I started crying (I'm an unstable fangirl)....and it was so sad! Or maybe what he was saying was sad and the way the lines were delivered were what made it sad to me, as I never cried while reading the manga except at the very end. Shigure's last couple lines before Mi-chan began with all her comedic relief, when he said all he cared about was himself, made all the blood in my body run cold. They pushed me down into a rut and I felt like how all those anime characters must feel when they're in a dark corner and have those blue lines everywhere. Just...oh gawd. Truly upsetting! It might actually be true....

I feel like I need to reread the manga as I remember very little save for the extremely important stuff, but I also don't want to because I want some surprise for the later episodes. Haha!

Shigure's last line didn't make much sense to me...maybe I'm just dull, but it went right over my head. Who was he talking about? Akito? Or Tohru, when/if she finds out he's been using her? I don't know...I don't know....

I really loved the piano piece at the purdy! And, during Hatori and Shigure's conversation, I adored the clock ticking in the background. It's like they're actually in a house talking!! Like when you're watching an older, cheaper TV show in which the rooms all have an average of two pieces of furniture in them. Just hearing a clock ticking made me swoon. :D

*Also, could you please make this comment box a little bigger? It's awkward having to scroll up and down considerably whenever I want to review what I have already typed. Thanks.

7/17/2012 03:37:42 am

...Honeypants... o_O

7/23/2012 02:36:35 pm

I absolutely love this chapter of the manga, and I enjoyed what you did with it immensely. Knowing what Shigure's talking about (as I do) makes it a lot more interesting...though there is STILL some ambiguity in what Hatori is saying about not standing in the way, I think.

Captain Peregrin
12/25/2012 08:11:29 am

Honestly, I started listening to these things just so I could hear this chapter xD Shigure is a fascinating character in the manga, even more than Akito (I personally think that Shigure is the closest thing to an actual villain in the manga).

I haven't commented on any of the other episodes, so I just wanted to add that I've really enjoyed them. Most of the voices are fitting, except for Hana-chan, who is just AMAZING, and Akito, who's just obviously...well, obvious. I imagine it would be very difficult even for a professional to cast Akito, though. Also, I love the bits with the Juunishi talking to the animals. Great work so far!

1/3/2014 11:41:39 pm

i cant listen to it... :( from 11 up to the last one


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