The Sohmas head off to a hot spring, where they find more than a few surprises and yet another bizarre family member.


Original story by Natsuki Takaya
Adapted, Directed and Mixed by JesuOtaku
Foley Artist -- Andrew Llanos
Composer -- Ken Clayton
Narrator -- Edwyn Tiong

CAST (in order of appearance)

Tohru Honda -- Heather McDonald
Momiji Sohma -- Majorikku
Yuki Sohma -- Evan Bremer
Kyo Sohma -- Phil Burgraff
Sohma Concierge -- Cassandra Wladyslava
Shigure Sohma -- Jesse Frola (demoversi)
Hatsuharu Sohma -- Liam Cunningham

EXTRAS (in order of appearance)

Chris Adamson
7/29/2012 05:55:40 am

Loved this episode, really well done! The sound effects were all solid. I really liked Tohru's narration about when Yuki touched the ribbon. Something about hearing these scenes spoken in such a tender voice is so soothing and heartfelt. :D

I'm a Kyo girl through and through, but I will admit Yuki was amazing during the part when he gave Tohru the ribbon. I found myself blushing! The voice and the manner of speaking was just sto adorable if I were Tohru, I would have hugged him! And then I would have punched him when he started speaking like a prince. I knew he was joking, but I just had the sudden urge to punch something for no good reason. Really good job! The concierge was also good, I found myself a little disturbed. If I were anywhere near her I would want to slide away unnoticed. And Tohru needs to take her own advice. Put your health before others!!! :D

The next episode shall be full of excitement!!! I love that president dude, so hilarious! The voice is perfect too!

7/30/2012 06:22:00 am

Great job, as always. I always found this chapter a little weak on plot, but I did really enjoy the ping-pong match.

On a more personal note, I saw the comment exchange over on TGWTG about not asking about other projects on your videos. I wanted to say (and perhaps this makes nothing better) that this is the only one of your projects I'm really invested in, and I can understand why the lack of strong interest from the TGWTG fanboy audience is frustrating. I know this is a long, long series and there is a chance this project will never get finished, but I wanted you to know I would be disappointed if you don't make it to some of the incredible later chapters.

Basically my spoiler-ific OTP never got their due in the anime and I want it like burning.

Radio dramas are definitely niche and I think you are doing a stellar job with this. Keep up the great work, I look forward to listening for awhile to come.

8/2/2012 05:39:49 pm

So I just marathoned through all the episodes...I absolutely love this! The voice acting is topnotch, the editing and sound effects are perfect.....And this radio drama truly reflects the manga so well! I'm so happy that you're introducing the series the way it's originally told so that more people can get the whole story and I'm very excited for the later episodes <3<3<3
Again, I love the talent behind this; you guys rock and I can't wait for more~


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