Tohru's starting to settle in with the Sohma family, but there's still that darn cat to deal with. Will he accept Tohru into the household after all...or do something he'll regret?


Original story by Natsuki Takaya
Adapted, Directed and Mixed by JesuOtaku
Foley Artist -- Andrew Llanos
Composer -- Ken Clayton
Narrator -- Edwyn Tiong

CAST (in order of appearance)

Yuki Sohma -- Evan Bremer
Tohru Honda -- Heather McDonald
Kyo Sohma -- Phil Burgraff
Shigure Sohma -- Jesse Frola (demoversi)
Minami Kinoshita -- JesuOtaku (sub. for Kyle Tinga)
Mio Yamagishi -- Anna Powers
Arisa Uotani -- Victoria Olivier
Saki Hanajima -- Melle Teich

EXTRAS (in order of appearance)

Jenine Hayward
Samantha Hein
Kat Graham
Emily Carlson

Thanks for listening! ^U^ <3
6/15/2011 10:23:53 am

awesome! I LOVE THIS!!! its just soooo short though :( i wish it were longer, but its ok. i look forward to the next episode.

6/15/2011 07:41:13 pm

This scared me! I was dosing off so I thought they were in my house for a minute.
Another great episode!!!

6/16/2011 10:34:22 pm

I can't wait for the next episode! This is great, I really like it.

6/17/2011 03:14:16 am

Man! I wish these were all like an hour long :D they are absolutely amazing ! Keep it up !

6/24/2011 04:43:08 pm

This time, I do have a minor complaint. While listening, Some of the characters mikes are abnormally louder or softer then the others. Also the sound quality of the voice actor who plays Torhu mike doesn't sound right for some reason. I mean nothing can be perfect, but it somewhat grading to listen to. But the whole thing is wonderful regardless, except for the minor complaint on episode 2. Anyways, good job guys, keep up the good work!

8/5/2012 04:36:15 am

I'm jumping in the Fruits Basket Radio Drama Bandwagon (geez, that was a mouthful) way too late... But I'm certainly enjoying the ride!
I had forgotten just how much I love this series and how much it makes me laugh.
I had never heard a radio drama before and I can already tell that if I were to go look for another one for another anime, I would be severely disappointed because this is great great great work. Just one great isn't enough. Seriously, it's great. I love it!


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