After being confronted about his false charm, Yuki must come to terms with his inadequacy and the demons of his past. Is there any place for him in a world where he must constantly hide who he really is?


Original story by Natsuki Takaya
Adapted, Directed and Mixed by JesuOtaku
Foley Artist -- Andrew Llanos
Composer -- Ken Clayton
Narrator -- Edwyn Tiong

CAST (in order of appearance)

Mayuko Shiraki -- Samantha Rider
Tohru Honda -- Heather McDonald
Kyo Sohma – Phil Burgraff
Arisa Uotani – Victoria Olivier
Saki Hanajima – Melle Teich
Yuki Sohma – Evan Bremer
Shigure Sohma – Jesse Frola (demoversi)
Kyoko Honda – Kendra Dee
Kagura Sohma – Karley Tufo

EXTRAS (in order of appearance)

Kat Graham
Leo Cosh
Chris Adamson
Eileen Peterson

Thanks for listening! ^U^ <3

6/30/2011 06:50:17 am

nice i am enjoying it :) i really like the way Tohru's mom thinks, i agree with her on not doubting people and giving them a chance i try to do the same. i am really enjoying this so far. i cant wait til the next one :)

11/9/2011 11:35:47 pm

ok, I'm offically addicted. I'm loving this. It's so well done. I laugh so hard sometimes.

1/15/2012 11:51:35 am

Wow this is just incredible, I saw the first few episodes over on D2 and after I was done I realized I would never again be able to read this manga without this playing without and not feel like I was missing out on the full experience. I love how the scenes match up so perfectly to the panels, and the acting is just exquisite! Well I am moving right along to the next chapter, thank you everyone that had a hand in making this and putting it here for me to listen to! I can not imagine the time and effort needed to put something like this together, much less putting it together well. So one last thanks and now I am moving on to the next episode.

1/21/2013 06:35:14 am

I love this totally awesome!


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