The time has finally come for Tohru to leave the Sohmas and live with her own family...or what's left of it. The Sohmas reluctantly let her go, but Tohru starts to wonder if she's made the right decision...


Original story by Natsuki Takaya
Adapted, Directed and Mixed by JesuOtaku
Foley Artist -- Andrew Llanos
Composer -- Ken Clayton (feat. a piece from A. J. Morabito)
Narrator -- Edwyn Tiong

CAST (in order of appearance)

Tohru Honda -- Heather McDonald
Shigure Sohma – Jesse Frola (demoversi)
Yuki Sohma – Evan Bremer
Kyo Sohma – Phil Burgraff
Young Tohru – PikaHikariKT
Grandpa Honda – Tolmek
Tohru's Aunt -- Samantha Hein
Tohru's Girl Cousin -- Lindsay Godin
Tohru's Guy Cousin -- Ryder Cunningham

EXTRA VOICES (in order of appearance)

Samantha Hein

7/16/2011 11:04:48 pm

Congratulations on finishing the first volume! Fruits Basket was one of the first mangas I ever really got into, so this lovely adaptation is bringing back a lot of nostalgic memories.

7/17/2011 04:26:43 am

You and your cast have easily hit your stride by now. I can't wait to see what the future brings.

Favorite moment might be Phil's "Bye, Gramps!" and Tolmek's cheerful response.

7/18/2011 02:47:43 am

I've just downloaded the mp3 of the most recent episode. I'm hoping you don't take too long before releasing the Volume 2 episodes 'cos I've absolutely enjoyed listening to these on my commute home from work.

7/22/2011 10:03:55 am

Um... I appreciate all your hard work! I also am a fan of this show and the increasingly great dub work. Please continue. ^_^

7/23/2011 01:38:44 am

This is the first episode that's really made me laugh out loud and also made me tear up a little (good job Heather! Tohru made me cry!) and I absolutely loved it! ^.^

Oh-ho, omg...
"Bye gramps!"
"Goodbye, take good care of Kyoko."
*bells chime*
"Uh...yeah, y-you bet I will."

It's like at first I'm, "Oh, that's a sweet little exchange not in the manga" and then I'm like, "Oh my Akito, I see what you did there!"

Do the actors know everything about their character's backgrounds in full?

Jeez, Yuki went bamf.

The Fruits Basket game flashback was beautifully done.

I've grown quite fond of Jesse Frola and Phil's really seem to of hit his stride. First time I really heard him speak this episode I thought, "You SOUND like KYO!"
Still getting used to Evan but I think he's growing on me.

I love the scene of Shi-chan giving Tohru the bed!

Oh boy, I'm very excited now for the story to continue. Thought you might have lost me somewhere back around episode 4 but this one brought me back! ^_^

But I'm still very nervous about Akito's VA xD

7/26/2011 11:39:54 am

I love Phil as Kyo! He captures his awkward-ness (if that's a word) and all all of the other emotions inside our troubled cat so beautifully!!!

Yuki's voice...he hits it really well sometimes, while during others he sounds to too old for the part.

I love this so much, and I'm so suprised it turned out this good! Not that I expected it to be bad or anything, but I'm still astonished. It's just so fun and entertaining, I can't wait for the enxt installment!

7/29/2011 03:00:47 am

I'm seriously loving the series up to now, this whole episode had me tearing up it was that good, can't say you've put a foot wrong yet.

10/26/2011 11:07:41 am

Another great episode. I love Kyo especially--he really captures the insecurity but inner sweetness of the character.


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