With the Cultural Festival approaching, Kyo is feeling less than festive and causes more trouble than help when a stampede of cats comes to cheer him up. This may be a problem too big for Tohru to handle...

Original story by Natsuki Takaya
Adapted, Directed and Mixed by JesuOtaku
Foley Artist -- Andrew Llanos
Composer -- Ken Clayton
Narrator -- Edwyn Tiong

CAST (in order of appearance)

Tohru Honda – Heather McDonald
Makoto Takei – InsomniaJacket
Yuki Sohma – Evan Bremer
Minami Kinoshita – Kyle Tinga
Mio Yamagishi – Anna Powers
Arisa Uotani – Victoria Olivier
Kyo Sohma – Phil Burgraff
Saki Hanajima – Melle Teich
Momiji Sohma – Majorikku
Hatori Sohma – Ben Watson

EXTRAS (in order of appearance)

Lindsay Godin
Ryder Cunningham
Liam Cunningham
Whitney Randolph
Samantha Hein
Chris Logan
Gemma Peters
Leo Cosh

Lindsay Godin
Georgia Goetz
Allie T
Jenine Hayward
Phil Burgraff
Chris Adamson
Omega Optimus Supreme
Entertaining the Thought

* Additional meowing noises provided by Lindsay Godin, Katie McAteer, Phil Burgraff, Victoria Olivier and Gemma Peters
9/15/2011 09:18:26 pm

Naaw, the cat voices were so seductively cute.

Nice Job ^^

9/17/2011 12:11:25 am

Aww! So cute, I loved the kitties.

And I can see why I took so long to get this episode up...

I love Makato's voice, it's so annoying! And that's good because Makato's annoying...YAY!

I squeed when Kyo said Tohru had a plum on her back...it really hurt because I'm sick....BUT STILL SO CUTE!! *cough* Ah, the pain.

9/18/2011 12:57:38 am

Still enjoying your adaptation! I hope the download for this episode will be available soon though! : < Good job, and keep going! I'd really love to see this project completed!

9/18/2011 11:05:21 am

I loved this episode so much. And not just because it introduced two of my favorite characters <3
But yeah, the class room scenes felt really real and all the added extras just added to the feel. And the cats where awesome in general.
Oh and my sister wants me to tell you how much she loves this. She is only nine, and has never read or watched fruits basket before, but she is really enjoying it, even though i make her cover her ears at some parts. : D
Anyway, can't wait for the next episode~

10/3/2011 09:45:15 am

Wow, this is absolutely awesome! I found you all from the ANN Podcast from this week. So much hard work and it sounds so amazing! Keep this up!

I'm not sure how many people read my blog, but I will definitely do a quick post on this. So great! I love when people try new media with literature!

4/21/2013 09:41:00 am

Nice! Adds a whole new dimension to the many that the anime couldn't.

8/5/2014 02:27:18 am

I've been enjoying these quite a bit so far but this episode seems to be down for some reason. Thanks for making these and for sharing them.


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