After being confronted about his false charm, Yuki must come to terms with his inadequacy and the demons of his past. Is there any place for him in a world where he must constantly hide who he really is?

Tohru's starting to settle in with the Sohma family, but there's still that darn cat to deal with. Will he accept Tohru into the household after all...or do something he'll regret?

Episode 2 arrives and...uh oh! The cat's out of the bag! *groan* Things are bound to get a wee bit silly...

Hey! At long last, the first episode is done! (Well, technically it was done June 1st, but I neglected to post it on the main site: still figuring all this nonsense out.) Anyhoo! I hereby proudly present the pilot to the Fruits Basket Radio Drama~! ^O^ d (That's a lot of Ps...)